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In 2011 the Management Board of the Company consisted of senior executives, including Director General and his deputies.

The members of the Management Board as of 31 December 2011 are listed below:



Alik Aidarbayev

General Director and Chairman of the Management Board

Vladimir Miroshnikov

Deputy Director General

Zhanneta Bekezhanova

Deputy Director General for economy and finance

Askar Aubakirov

Deputy Director General for corporate development and assets management

Bakitgali Biseken

Deputy Director General for operations

Taras Khituov

Managing Director for Personnel and Social Policy

Kiykbay Yeshmanov

Director of PB “Uzenmunaigas”

Zhumabek Zhamauov

Director of PB “Embamunaigas”

During 2011 on the basis of decisions of the Board of Directors the following changes were made in the composition of the Management Board:

  • On 5 May 2011 it was decided to elect Bagitkali Biseken as a member of the Management Board (Deputy Director for Operations).
  • On 22 December 2011 it was decided to terminate the powers of General Director (Chairman of the Management Board), Askar Balzhanov, and elect Alik Aidarbayev as the General Director (Chairman of the Management Board).