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Қазақстанның мұнайгаз саласы туралы негізгі деректер

Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Industry facts

Country facts

Estimated proved oil reserves – 40 bnbbl.
Oil equivalent production in 2010 was 79.7 mt (1.6 mmbopd) and export of oil equivalent reached 71.4 mt.
Oil output is projected to reach 100 mtpa (2 mmbopd) by 2015.
Refining in 2010 totalled 13.7 mt.
There are more than 200 oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan. The largest fields are Kashagan, Tengiz, Karachaganak.
Uzen – Atyrau – Samara (UAS) is one of the three main pipelines which provided transportation of 15.3 mt or 21% out of total exported crude oil from Kazakhstan in 2010.
The Caspian Pipeline Consortium’s (CPC) current capacity is approximately 30.5 mtpa (0.6 mmbopd) with the expansion plans targeting the capacity of 67 mtpa (1.3 mmbopd) in 2014, of which 50 mtpa (1.0 mmbopd) will be reserved for Kazakhstani oil. In 2010 28.5 mt of crude oil was transported through CPC, which is 40% out of total exported oil from Kazakhstan.
The Kazakhstan-China pipeline’s (KCP) current capacity is 10 mtpa (200 kbopd) which can be doubled with the implementation of phase 2 of the project. In 2010 10.1 mt of crude oil was transported through the KCP, which is 14% out of total exported oil from Kazakhstan.
Sea port of Aktau has 3 oil terminals and its total capacity is around 11 mtpa. Terminals of Aktau port provided transportation of 9.5 mt or 13% of total exported crude oil from Kazakhstan.
Oil refining industry of Kazakhstan consists of Atyrau and Shymkent oil refining plants and Pavlodar oil-chemical plant, which in 2010 refined 4.3 mt, 4.6 mt and 4.8 mt of crude oil respectively.
16.4 million (as of 01.01.2011)
2.7 million square kilometers
GDP (2010):
21,513 billion Tenge
(US$146.0 bn, 147.35 KZT per US$1)
7.0% in 2010,
7.8% average in 2002 – 2010
Tenge (147.40 KZT per US$1 as at December 31, 2010; 147.35 average for 2010 full year)
Astana (moved from Almaty in 1997)